Download page – in english

The following list shows sites where one can download good catholic books or read them on-line. Many of them are multilingual.

Download catholic books

Bibliotèque Saint Libère – download of catholic books in french, english, spanish, italian, portuguese and other languages. A very large, varied and well selected library of catholic books, articles and documents.

Stat Veritas – books and  articles in  PDF and conferences in MP3 for download – in spanish.

Sítio São Miguel Arcanjo – a large library of catholic books, about religion and phylosophy, for download, with great works and great authors. Books in english, spanish, portuguese, french and other languages.

Obras raras do Catolicismo (Rare works of Catolicism) – a large library of catholic books, in a wide range of subjects like Theology, Phylosophy, History of the Church, Litugy, and so on – books in portuguese, spanish and other languages. – hundreds of books from saints, in french.

Books that can be read on-line

The books in this section aren’t available to download, but can be read on-line:

Major Councils of the Church – introduction and complete documents from all major Councils of the Catholic Church, in english.

Nazareth Eletronic Books – catholic books in english; special remark on the catechisms: Saint Thomas Aquinas, Trent (Roman Catechism), Baltimore, Saint Pius X.

Sant’Agostino – opera omnia – complete works of Saint Agustin, in english, spanish, italian and german.

Summa Theologiase – the complete text, in english, of the Summa Teologiae from Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Suma Teológica – the complete text, in spanish, of the Summa Teologiae from Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Catena Aurea – Comments about the Holy Gospels made by Saint Thomas of Aquinas – texts in spanish.

 S. Thomas de Aquino – opera omnia – complete works of  Saint Thomas Aquinas, in latin.