Welcome. First of all, I apologize for my bad knowlodge of english. Neverthless, as I receive visitors from all around the world, and many of them may not have a good understanding of portuguese or spanish, I decided to write this short welcome message in order to explain, at least, what this blog is intended for.

This blog is focused on apologetics for the Roman Catholic Church, mainly against the enemies inside – the modernists – as denounced by Saint Pius X more then one century ago. The only way to remain catholic is keeping the faith. So, we need to refuse any trick means employed to destroy this faith, mainly the false council Vatican II and the new mass. We also have to deny any obedience to the false hierarchy of the so-called conciliar church, because its members are heretics and, therefore, they are deprived of any ecclesiastic authority. We are loyal to all true popes, we follow all legitimate councils of the Catholic Church, we attend to the traditional latin mass, known as the tridentine rite, and we do it all in order to remain catholics.

My e-mail address is ritotridentino@hotmail.com. I can read english quite well, but I do not write it the same way. So, if you want me to give you an answer, please let me know if you understand portuguese or spanish. Otherwise, a text in english will take much more time to write. Anyway, I will make an effort to answer.

Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus”